Docketing Services

We keep track of all the pre-filing, post-filing and post-grant dates and deadlines associated with your patents and trademarks. We will work in your system or set one up for you.  We have experience in many of IP docketing and management systems.

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Patent Annuity Management

You receive access to simple and reliable annuity services so that all aspects of the patent annuity process are managed. Patent renewal reports, advanced analytics, and payment decision processing are also available.

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Paralegal Services

We provide a full range of ip paralegal services.  Our expertise encompasses patents and trademarks, the USPTO and international patent offices.  We provide everything an in-house staff can–just faster, more accurately and at a lower cost.

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Unparalleled Quality

Our docketers achieve unparalleled quality by utilizing extensive AI algorithms and databases.  Renewals with BHIP are made simpler and more reliable with AI-Driven Analytics.

Industry-Leading Expertise

We are the same team that formed Intellevate, the company that pioneered outsourcing legal support services to India, and FoundationIP, one of the nation’s leading IP management software solutions.

US-Based Operations

Because we do your work in the US, there are no export control issues. You can feel secure in the confidentiality of your information knowing that it all stays onshore.

Why are we better than ANY internal team?

Docketing Excellence Series

The Intelligent Docketer’s Guide to Docketing Complicated Deadlines.

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Analytics Excellence Series

The Intelligent Attorney’s Guide to Making Smarter Annuity Decisions, Faster.

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Foreign Excellence Series

The Intelligent Attorney’s Guide to Patenting Around the World.

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Operations Excellence Series

The Intelligent Way to Manage U.S. Patent Process and Procedure.

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