Black Hills IP Announces

Revolutionary Machine-Guided Docketing Services

  • Over 500,000 PTO documents processed by our expert U.S.-based docketing team using machine-assistance in partial and fully automated modes
  • All docketing supervised and verified by our expert team using our revolutionary automated verification system
  • Over 50,000 computerized rules assure accurate PTO document identification and precise selection of docket system templates/actions/codes
  • All major docketing platforms supported
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This is not traditional docketing.  We are a new generation of docketing service. Along with our fully-automated offerings, we have built an internal machine-guided docketing tool to assist our internal docketing team to achieve a level of quality that has previously been impossible.

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Popular Benefits:     Automated Verification  &  Smart File Opening


Growing your practice has never been easier with the most powerful management platform in the industry.  Lower your liability and handle renewals the way you want to. This is analytics-driven renewals for you and your clients.

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Popular Benefits:     Annuity Fee Calculator  &  What-If Scenarios


We have pooled together IP experts to help educate on key challenges and strategies.  We have created webinars, short videos, and blog posts to help educate IP departments from top to bottom.  Whether you’re a corporation or law firm, come gather insights, ideas, and inspiration from modern IP professionals.

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Popular Benefits:     Docketing – Analytics – Renewals Content


All of Black Hills IP’s Paralegals are highly educated professionals trained to support you throughout the entire prosecution process.  Our procedures are designed to be flexible to accommodate your needs.  We use automation wherever possible to reduce human errors.  Everything your internal team can do – just faster and more accurate.

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Popular Benefits:     Information Disclosure Statements  &  Patent Proofreading