Analytics Excellence Webinar Series



The Analytics Excellence Webinar Series

For this webinar series, we have pooled together analytics experts and managers from the Schwegman firm, Black Hills IP, and their respective clients to help educate on key analytics challenges and issues and share best practices on how to overcome them. The Analytics Excellence Webinar Series is a free biweekly webinar series that will feature a presentation by a moderator followed by a panel discussion and Q&A session.

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About the Co-sponsors:

Black Hills IP is an accurate, efficient, and cost-effective US-based IP docketing and paralegal provider.

The SLW Institute is an educational wing created by the Schwegman firm, aiming to provide insightful and useful information to the IP community.

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Using Patent Portfolio and Filing Trend Analytics to Help Guide Patent Portfolio Development

April 5, 1:00 PM Central (view in your local timezone)

This webinar will explore the use of patent portfolio and filing trend analytics to understand technology trends, competitor patent strategy trends, and to identify valuable patent families.

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Patent Landscaping Analytics and Comparative Patent Owner Analytics

May 3, 1:00 PM Central (view in your local timezone)

Patent landscaping analytics are relatively inexpensive to obtain and provide a wide range of valuable information to corporate strategists. Learn about the typical forms of landscape analytics and their value in assessing market opportunities and patent risk.

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