Flexible pricing for your organization

We offer two simple pricing options based on actual tasks performed or the size of your portfolio.

General features

  • Work is automated as much as possible, reducing cost and increasing quality
  • Capacity is readily scalable
  • Capacity is readily configurable to any mix of work
  • Capacity can be delivered on a continuous or project basis
  • Work is methodically performed using efficient systems and procedures

Based on tasks performed

  • You are only charged for work performed
  • No risk of unproductive employees
  • Highly scalable
  • Cost tracks the volume of work performed

Based on portfolio size

  • Pricing based on the size of your portfolio
  • Well suited for docketing
  • Fixed monthly price based on capacity required to docket a portfolio of your size
  • Same price, regardless of activity level in a given month
  • Steady, preditcable pricing you can count on

Have something else in mind?  

We can create a custom pricing structure that works for you.  Let us know.

Our sister company Black Hills IP Renewals offers a low-cost Patent Annuity Management service.

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