Security and Confidentiality

Your data is kept secure and confidential through use of strong encryption, physical security and comprehensive access controls.

Our facilities are secure

  • Our facilities have access control at all points of entry, 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.
  • All visitors require pre-approval for access to our facilities. Identification is checked and visitors are escorted.

Our systems are secure and encrypted

  • Your data is continuously backed up to a secure datacenter using 448-bit encryption.
  • We can work in any IP management system.  We evaluate each system first to ensure it complies with our internal security requirements.
  • Our networks are secured by industry-leading firewalls.

Your data is confidential

  • Each of our teams has a segregated set of applications and access rights.  Only members of that team have access to that team’s applications and network privileges.   
  • All employees undergo confidentiality training and receive semi-annual refresher training.
  • We conduct comprehensive background checks on all new employees.
  • All employees sign confidentiality agreements.
  • All employees are US citizens based in the US.

Our sister company Black Hills IP Renewals offers a low-cost Patent Annuity Management service.

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