ClaimScape has two main features-Claim Mapper and Claim Tracker. Individually and together, these features provide various benefits to claims analysis before engaging counsel. While Black Hills Technology does not provide legal opinions, our services are critical to helping attorneys, business members and technologists alike grasp the boundaries of the patent claim.



Claim analysis, by nature, can be opaque to an engineer or business person. Using proprietary software, Black Hills Technology uses ClaimMapper to produce claim analysis in the form of a ClaimScape map.

ClaimMapper Saves Time and Money

  • Reduces FTO investigation to minutes or hours instead of days or months by analyzing hundreds or thousands of independent patent claims concurrently
  • Minimizes the cost of traditional FTO investigation methods by as much as ¼

ClaimMapper is Visual

  • Delivers a ClaimScape map that is interactive, allowing for thorough patent claim coverage against your target products or methods
  • Enables a quick and intuitive assessment of the patent by locating claim limitations and aggregating them into "scope concepts"
  • Offers a common medium for engineers, executives and other non-lawyers to absorb and ultimately make comprehensive decisions

Our ClaimMapper maps allow you to:

  • Quickly assess the potential infringement issues as well as opportunities in the patent landscape
  • Explore the benefits and risks of various design-around possibilities in real-time instead of repeating the process for each design change by leveraging the existing ClaimScape map
  • Process additional information for due diligence, offensive assertion investigations, coverage review, invalidity and unclaimed subject matter analysis
  • Assess the value of patents to help make more informed renewal decisions

Sample Claim Chart

Within the map, each patent with some information is listed as well as a listing of its independent claims towards top of the map. The dark blue highlights (middle of map) indicates that a scope concept(s) on the far left is present within a given claim. Once you have determined which scopes are within a patent and/or claim, you can designate the relevance of each scope concept on a scale of 1-3 (to the left of each listed scope concept) along with the independent claims on the same scale of 1-3 (directly underneath each listed independent claim).



Using our proprietary method, Black Hills Technology has the capability to receive one or more patents/publication numbers and return a report that details all the changes within the patent claim set. The report allows you to visually see all the amendments and changes the patent owner has made across each individual patent claim. This is crucial when you want to be able to quickly identify what the potentially significant elements of the claims. In addition, it can also assist in litigation practice when trying to determine any prosecution estoppel defenses. In prosecution practice, it provides an effective overview of how the claim has evolved during examination.

Claim Tracker Puts Patent Prosecution at Your Fingertips

  • Quickly come up to speed on a given patent application without opening a single office action, response, or any other document from the file
  • Efficiently review the prosecution history so that you can make sure the remarks in the current response are consistent with previous statements on record

Our Claim Tracker Provides a Single View of the:

  • Status and complete text of each claim at each stage of prosecution
  • Prior art that has been cited against any other application or patent in your portfolio
  • Complete text of all rejections from the office actions as well as the text of the Applicant’s remarks in response to each rejection

Our sister company Black Hills IP Renewals offers a low-cost Patent Annuity Management service.

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