Our Dashboard delivers actionable intelligence through an easy to use yet comprehensive tool. We combine public and private data capabilities, unique differentiators, and traditional landscaping.

Prosecution Analytics

The Dashboard automatically and continuously provides up-to-date prosecution statistics to allow you to better understand your portfolio’s metrics throughout the prosecution lifecycle.

  • Identify your problem patents
  • Analyze your portfolio by the number of office actions received by case, the pendency of matters, RCEs filed per matter, pendency of your portfolio by case interviews, your allowance and abandonment rates as well as restriction requirements
  • View trends in your filing and allowance that are not otherwise available
  • Better understand efforts and resources per matter

PAIR Monitoring and Viewing

Watch important patents, whether they are yours or your competitors.

Monitor prosecution developments with all activities listed in PAIR -- as it appears. The critical information you need.

View the entire prosecution history and download a searchable PDF of the file wrapper.


Inventor Monitoring and Analytics

The Dashboard gives you powerful inventor analytics and monitoring capability.

  • See employment and filing history
  • Learn what technology areas they have been involved in over their careers
  • Uncover IP theft--discover if your former inventors filed on your company's technologies and trade secrets after separating
  • Get status updates on inventors

Webinar: Get an in-depth overview of how to prevent inventor theft with the Dashboard.


Portfolio Evaluation

  • Clearly delineate high vs. low strength patents using our proprietary Importance Ranking, helping you group patents by perceived strength.
  • Create active pruning strategies to eliminate dead weight within the portfolio to control costs while identifying monetization opportunities to build revenue.
  • View your portfolio from a commercial standpoint using your own categories, provide patent to product mapping, as well as gain clear insight into the landscape with unlimited drill-down capabilities into any field.
  • Create gap analysis between your portfolio and your competitors to identify portfolio development requirements and freedom-to-operate issues.

Webinar: Learn how you can create opportunities by using the dashboard for citation analysis.

Webinar: Patent Speed Dating: Quick Sorting of Patent Portfolios in Due Diligence


Comprehensive Watching

In addition to PAIR watching, the Dashboard allows you to easily get updates on patents, apps, owners, inventors, technology areas, and saved searches.


Comparative Analytics

Competitor Comparisons

  • Compare portfolios of multiple organization or subsets of an individual portfolio to gain valuable insight into trends and other metrics to provide proactive and actionable competitive intelligence.
  • Categorize the portfolios of the competition using the same custom categories used on your portfolio to view an apples-to-apples comparison to support commercial decisions.
  • Identify areas of weakness or limited patent protection within your portfolio, where gaps need to be filled to ensure freedom to operate, by comparing your competitors portfolio against your own. Alternatively, identify weakness within your competitors’ portfolios to exploit.

Outside Counsel Comparisons

  • Examine key performance indicators and prosecution statistics to assist in evaluating your outside counsel.
  • Take full advantage of first to file by using a combination of public and private data to monitor outside counsel’s activity including pendency analysis, as well as the time it takes outside counsel to file each application.

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