International Patent Paralegal Services

Black Hills IP provides a a full range of intellectual property paralegal services including document preparation and filing, national stage applications, request examination, foreign filing deadline reminders, and official action reporting.

Document Preparation and Filing Services

Black Hills IP uses a worldwide network of foreign associates to coordinate the filing and prosecution of international applications.  All aspects of international filing are supported including, but not limited to, the following:

  • National Stage Filings
  • EPO Filings
  • Grant/Validation
  • Formal Document Preparation
  • Assignment/Ownership Issues
  • Petitions

National Stage Applications

Paralegals will prepare the order letter and provide the foreign associate with the necessary documents to complete the filing while confirming the application is timely filed and notifying the client.

Request Examination

Paralegals will review and process correspondence received from the international associate and forward the request for examination to you and advising you of the appropriate deadline and requesting instructions regarding same.

Office Action Procedures

Paralegals will docket and review Office Actions; report them to you and provide instructions to the foreign associate, prepare and send a draft Response to the associate including a pending claim set and cited reference.

Foreign Filing Deadline Reminders

Critical deadlines will not be missed. Periodic reports will remind you of critical dates including Foreign Filing, PCT National Stage and Direct National Stage deadlines. 

Official Action Reporting

All Actions received and Responses filed on your behalf will be reported in a timely manner. We offer several options, including individual notifications which can be sent for each Action, reports listing each Action received and Responses filed in a given time-frame, or we can update your system.

Our sister company Black Hills IP Renewals offers a low-cost Patent Annuity Management service.

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