International Trademark Paralegal Services

Because business doesn’t stop at the US border

We work with a worldwide network of foreign associates to provide international trademark support services in the following areas:

  • Applications, including collecting country-specific information, communications with foreign associates, and coordinating delivery of signed/certified/legalized documents, as required
  • Analysis of reports and documents from foreign associates to verify data accuracy
  • Analysis of Official Actions, manage collection of instructions/information required for Responses, and coordinate timely filing of Responses with foreign associates
  • Recordation of Assignments, corporate Mergers and Name/Address changes, including review of documents for completeness and accuracy, and legalization of documents as required
  • Renewals and maintenance filings
  • Management of dockets and process in Opposition/Contested matters

Our sister company Black Hills IP Renewals offers a low-cost Patent Annuity Management service.

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