Prosecution Productivity Services

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Office Action Responses, Simplified.

We use productivity services to help our customers respond to Office Actions. We organize the important information you need and present it to you in a way that makes you more efficient and allows you to provide a better work product. 

Our services help you:

  • Study prosecution histories in a fraction of the time
  • Instantly locate and review related patent claims
  • Scan through Office Actions and other correspondence history quickly and easily
  • Measurably reduce delays in your prosecution practices and accelerate response time
  • Decrease litigation support costs
  • Avoid hobbling your claim sets with unnecessary limitations
  • Eliminate damaging file wrapper estoppel by avoiding inconsistent arguments between cases

Our sister company Black Hills IP Technology offers a full range of IP analytics solutions.

And Black Hills IP Renewals offers a low-cost Patent Annuity Management service.

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