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a verified machine-guided docketing solution using real artificial intelligence
Over 80% of Docketing Errors Are Made By Humans
that’s why we combined smart technology and smart people to reach a new level of reliability

Computerized knowledge base of world IP office practices and procedures

Our experts in foreign patent practice have assembled a comprehensive database of foreign patent practice and procedures; available at their fingertips.  As a result, our team knows exactly what needs to be done with each docket item we process for our customers.

World IP Office
IP Management Systems

Extensive system configuration expertise for all major IP management systems

We have experts not just in docketing, but also in system set up and configuration for nearly all of the major systems, including those available from Patrix®, CPI®, CPA Global®, Anaqua®, Dennenmeyer® and Clairvolex® and others.

Computer-assisted document identification and verification

Using our extensive knowledge base of country law and process, our technology can automatically identify the correct templates and actions to be used for any particular document or event.

Automated Document
Computer-guided selection of correct docketing procedures

Computer-guided selection of correct docketing procedures

Conventional docketing is done by a docketer who selects a docket action/template from a library of hundreds of options, 99% of which do not apply.  With our platform, we limit the options available to as few as possible, based on our AI algorithms, greatly increasing the likelihood the correct action/template is chosen.

Independent, automated verification system

The highest quality is always achieved by emphasizing doing it right the first time.  Thorough verification, however, can dramatically raise the quality.  Our automated verification system includes thousands of rules to verify docketing is done correctly, and if it isn’t sure it is correct, one of our experts completes the review process.

Independent, automated verification system

Configured and operated by world-leading IP experts

While computer technology and artificial intelligence can take us a long way, the best docketing team is AI combined with one of our human experts to configure and operate our machine-guided docketing system.

Prosecution Analytics

We will assist you in creating dashboards and other tools to analyze and track your prosecution portfolio. These include:

  • Analyzing your portfolio by # of office actions that have been received, the pendency of matters by RCEs filed, pendency of your portfolio by case interviews, your allowance rates, your abandonment rates, and your restriction requirements
  • We also help you see trends in your filing and allowance that are not otherwise available
  • This is available for free to all Docketing Customers

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