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Office Action Responses, Simplified.

We help reduce your cost of responding to Office Actions and improve quality.  We organize the important information you need and present it to you in a way that makes you more efficient and allows you to provide a better work product. We can help you:

  • Measurably reduce delays in your prosecution practices and accelerate response time
  • Instantly locate and review related patent claims
  • Scan through Office Actions and other correspondence history quickly and easily
  • Decrease litigation support costs
  • Avoid hobbling your claim sets with unnecessary limitations
  • Eliminate damaging file wrapper estoppel by avoiding inconsistent arguments between cases

Prosecution Analytics

We will assist you in creating dashboards and other tools to analyze and track your prosecution portfolio. These include:

  • Analyzing your portfolio by # of office actions that have been received, the pendency of matters by RCEs filed, pendency of your portfolio by case interviews, your allowance rates, your abandonment rates, your restriction requirements
  • We also help you see trends in your filing and allowance that are not otherwise available
  • This is available for free to all Docketing Customers.

Competitive Intelligence

Many of our customers would like help in addressing key issues:

  • Who are my competitors today and tomorrow?
  • What product areas are my competitors moving into or away from?
  • What geographic markets are my competitors moving into or away from?
  • What are my competitor’s key patent applications and how do I watch them?
  • Who are my competitor’s key inventors?
  • How do our inventors compare to our competitor’s inventors?
  • How does my portfolio compare with the competition?
  • Which of our patents are the most valuable to our competitors?

We offer help using our proprietary tools and those of other data providers to answering these common questions.  Our team of consultants includes some of the most experienced analysts in the industry. We specialize in using our visualization tools make the competitive landscape easy to understand.


Litigation Preparation

During your litigation process, we can produce claim charts that are reusable and interactive, allowing concurrent, comprehensive, easily updatable, and accurate screening of claim coverage across hundreds of patents for infringement or protection concerns.

Visualize Patent Infringement and Coverage

Using our proprietary software, ClaimScape, Black Hills Technology can produce claim analysis in the form of a ClaimScape map. The ClaimScape Map provides judges and litigators alike with a visual representation of patent infringement and coverage. While Black Hills Technology does not provide legal opinions, our services, using ClaimMapper, deliver powerful insight into the boundaries of patent claims.

  • Quickly assess infringement issues
  • Investigate offensive assertion investigations, coverage review, invalidity and unclaimed subject matter analysis
  • Explore the benefits and risks of various litigation strategies
  • Utilize the mapping to assist with litigation-related decisions

Understand the Prosecution History

Using our proprietary methodology, Black Hills Technology can help you use a patent’s prosecution history to assist in your litigation:

  • Produce an easy to understand chart to help identify potential prosecution estoppel defenses
  • Quickly absorb a patent’s prosecution history without opening a single office action, response, or any other document from the file
  • Review, within a single chart, the history to assess and build litigation strategy
  • Detect prior art that has been cited against any other application or patent in a portfolio
  • Discover arguments made by opponents in other prosecution histories that can help you in this litigation

Portfolio Visualization

Black Hills IP can provide you with valuable insight into a single portfolio, entire technology space, or the competitive landscape with unique visualization and analytics output.

  • Depict a technology space showing all competitors and commercialization opportunities far beyond the reach of traditional patent landscaping.
  • Reveal areas of technology to exploit and ensure freedom to operate looking not only at the macro level analysis but also with unique claim mapping available through Black Hills Technology ClaimScape.
  • Visualize prosecution metrics to help reduce costs, improve patent quality and have better insight of counsel’s activities.
  • Support monetization efforts using the custom importance rankings in addition to state of the art citation and evaluation metrics.
  • Identify new areas of growth, current and emerging players as well and incumbents for business plan development and competitive intelligence.
  • Compare portfolios of multiple organizations using Black Hills IP’s customized taxonomies to show comparisons by how you need to see the results, view gaps between portfolios or gain insight into trends for proactive and actionable intelligence.

Portfolio visualization services are specifically tailored to enhance your ability to achieve commercial objectives. Black Hills Technology approaches each project individually without the traditional cookie cutter approach.



We help our customers with a variety of services:

  • Patent and application watching
  • Competitor and inventor watching
  • Portfolio creation
  • Custom data analysis
  • Creating freedom to operate maps
  • Gathering competitive intelligence
  • Creating technology landscapes
  • Data validation
  • Separate important patents from low value patents

We use our proprietary tools to deliver our consulting services so they are easy to digest.

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