a new generation of docketing service

No need to switch your IP docketing software.

You can achieve AI-enabled docketing without changing your docketing system. Our enhanced automated docketing and verification engine supports all intellectual property docketing software solutions. We can fully automate docketing operations with Patricia, Foundation IP, AppColl, or CPI. For our customers using other IP docketing software, we still use AI to guide our docketing team, a process that we call machine-guided docketing. Avoid the hassle of switching systems and gain the freedom of handing your IP management to Black Hills IP.

Fully Automated Systems



Our automated and machine-guided docketing operations achieve a new level of quality that vastly exceeds what can be done manually.


With fully automated docketing solutions, we achieve far quicker turnaround than anyone in the IP space.

No Export Control Issues

We perform all docketing operations in the U.S., whether it is fully automated or machine-guided.

We docket using
your procedures.

During onboarding, we use your current docketing instructions to create your automated docketing rules.

When docketing, our AI determines what to docket by mapping US and foreign PTO documents to your specific docketing rules.

We then update your IP management software and apply extensive verification rules to detect anomalies and ensure quality.

Lastly, you receieve an automated report out email with the PTO document attached.


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