the new standard for proofreading accuracy

Leverage technology to reduce errors.
Our technology allows us to provide the industry’s most comprehensive proofreading service. We use automation to access the patent’s file wrapper and use an OCR engine to recognise the text. The software uses the file wrapper information to assemble a document that should represent the issued patent. Claims are constructed on a claim-by-claim basis.
Historically, mistakes are far too common.
Patent Proofreading is an established part of modern patent prosecution. But a sample of 1600 patents issued by the USPTO revealed the following:
  • 98% of the issued patents had mistakes
  • 50% of the mistakes were made by the USPTO
  • 33% of the mistakes required a Certificate of Correction
  • 2% of the mistakes were serious enough to impair the core claims
How it works:
Our software compares the issued patent with the Assembled Patent. Our staff reviews the identified inconsistiencies to determine weather the Assembled Patent or the issued patent is correct.
We do the following:
Verify all prior art references on the front page against those cited in the disclosure statements
Confirm that reference characters mentioned in the description appear in the drawings
Use our technology and dictionaries to check for spelling errors
Confirm all title and inventor information
Conduct a visual inspection to assure that the correct drawings appeared in the issued patent
Conduct a manual verification of the claim set
What you get:
  • A report that identifies errors and discrepancies
  • A copy of the Issued Patent highliting the errors
  • We can prepare a certificate of correction if requested
Did you spot the errors above?
If not, consider Patent Proofreading
from Black Hills IP.

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