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Get a snapshot view of the geographic composition of your portfolio

The key to the successful development and grooming of any patent portfolio is a solid understanding of your international patent distribution.  With the Black Hills IP Maintenance Center’s built-in renewals analytics, this critical information is just a click away.

Geographic Snapshot

Generate annuity fee forecast instantly

As worldwide annuity payments consume a greater and greater portion of the IP budget, it is imperative to be able to accurately forecast and budget for these expenses.  Instant fee forecasts are at your fingertips using Black Hills IP’s Maintenance Center.

Use what-if scenarios to see how much you pay or save

The Maintenance Center’s what-if payment exploration tool allows patent portfolio managers to test out as many pay/don’t pay scenarios as they desire in order to determine the most optimal, cost-efficient plan. Get instant access to the cost estimates and quarterly/annual/lifetime cost projections.

What if Scenarios
Deliberate Payment Instructions

Deliberate on your payments instructions with real-time data

The Maintenance Center delivers real-time payment data, so you always know exactly how much is due, whether you are paying in advance of the due date, or in the grace period.  So, no more straggler invoices for undisclosed upcharges for late payments.

Find which competitors are citing your patents

There is no better way to know if a patent is important to your business than studying which competitors are citing it.  The Maintenance Center generates up to date citation information, alerting you to patents of interest to your competitors, and therefore, likely greater value to you. Use advanced analytics to reverse engineer your competitors IP strategy and unlock hidden value in your patent assets.

Competitors Citing

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