AI-Powered Docketing

There is simply no comparison

Incomparable Quality Lets You Sleep at Night

  • Our clients insist on flawless quality for patent docketing, and we can deliver!
  • Zero defects on critical, non-recoverable US, PCT and foreign filing deadlines
  • Dual-docketing of all critical due dates
  • Fast, one-day turnaround

Docketing Done the Way you Like It

Using comprehensive computerized documentation and verification, your patent docketing preferences are documented and integrated into our docketing infrastructure, allowing seamless, systematic delivery of your customized services

Service with a Personal Touch

  • Our docketing leads love to talk to and work closely with their customers, and are readily available by phone or e-mail
  • Have question or request, just e-mail or pick up the phone and call your patent docketing lead — they will work with you to get it done!
  • Your entire team is right here in the US, so no frustration with time zone delays and cultural differences
  • No nameless/faceless FTE’s

Thought Leaders Ready to Help

  • If you are looking for patent docketing and IP process resources, you have come to the right place
  • Join us on one of our extensive line up of industry-leading patent docketing and IP process webinar programs or tap into our extensive library of previous webinars, short videos, tutorials, or podcasts
  • Need a one-on-one consultation? Call us and we will connect you with one of our many experts on staff

Skilled Docketers + Incredible Patent Docketing Technology = Incomparable Quality!!

  • Black Hills IP is the only company in the industry with highly advanced docketing technology that allows our skilled docketers to achieve efficiencies and quality that vastly exceeds the capabilities of our competition
  • If our competition is selling you docketing time (such as hours of docketing time or Full Time Equivalents), you know they do not have advanced docketing technology like Black Hills IP